Oliver is One! | Tampa Lifestyle Photographer

We cannot believe Oliver is celebrating his first birthday!  We love getting to see the kids of the families we work with grow up and document those beautiful milestone moments for them.  We captured Oliver’s Newborn Session, so it was really fun to see how big he and, big sister, Serena, had gotten since we last saw them.  They looked adorable in their coordinating, initial embroidered outfits.  Oliver was not exactly as thrilled to see us, as we were to see him.  Mom, Lizzy, let us know that he is a pretty cautious kid.  He was not a fan of the unfamiliar lady with the scary, big black camera.  But, that is part of his personality and part of the memory!  

An Authentic Approach

Mom and Dad loved the images, even the ones with tears, because they were authentic and true to the moment.  Serena, on the other hand, was not intimidated by the camera and was ready to be true to herself for the session too.  Mom had dolled her up with an adorable bow and precious shoes that she wanted nothing to do with.  We captured a few of her dressed to the nines, before she started shedding accessories.  It was really great to see the kids individual personalities.  The day was all about family and capturing the phase of life they are in at the moment.  A big milestone being, Oliver’s first birthday.  Oliver had never had any sweets before, so, we were looking forward to his reaction during the cake smash segment of the session.  

True to his nature, he did not dive right in and was hesitant about this new food, cake.  It was adorable to watch Lizzy introduce him to the new food.  Even with mom’s encouragement, he was not one hundred percent sure about diving into the smash cake.  Serena was not shy about getting in there to try it out and show Oliver how yummy cake is.  We captured some images with birthday balloons after catching some precious moments with the whole family, siblings, and cake.  Oliver was more than happy to pose with his balloons.  

It was a pleasure to be able to capture these special moments of this sweet family.  We cannot wait to see how much the kiddos have grown when we see them again for the documenting of their next milestone moment.