Tyler and Kelsea | The Proposal | Tampa Photographer

I love the element of surprise. Pulling off a surprise for kids is easy. A child is astonished when they find you in the same hiding spot for the tenth time. An adult is a little bit harder to surprise. That is why we get so excited when we get to be involved in pulling off a big surprise.

A Sweet Surprise

Tyler recently contacted us to help capture his proposal to his girlfriend Kelsea. We hid in nearby bushes while he set up an adorable picnic for the two of them. Kelsea loves sweets so Tyler gave her a delicious pint of ice cream. Little did Kelsea know that inside the ice cream was a note from Tyler asking her to be his wife. Tyler got down on one knee and presented her the ring while she jumped up and down in pure shock and excitement. Kelsea later told us she could hear rustling and clicking coming from the bushes as we captured photos of the proposal and we were all cracking up recounting the day. Kelsea and Tyler are so fun and goofy and were literally giddy. There was TONS of laughter that day, as you can see in the photos. We are so glad we got to document this special moment for these two sweethearts. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them. 

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