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Talk about state pride! These two showcased their love for this beautiful state we all call home. Florida beauty seeped through every element of their big day. From the cake, to the vintage postcards in the table settings, to the shoes; the brightness of our sunny state surrounded us all. Speaking of brightness, these two are an absolutely stunning duo. Kristen and Robby were born to love each other. Capturing that love was nothing short of an honor. From the first hello, to the last hug goodbye, our entire day was filled to the brim with beautiful moments. 

Celebrating Love on a Sunny Florida Day

Kristen and Robby were married on a bright and sunny April day (as most are here in Florida). They were surrounded by family and a ton of friends, most of which are also family. It was amazing to see the strength of the bond that both these families possessed. There's no doubt in our minds that that strength will flow and fill Kristen and Robby's own family. 

Have you ever heard the term old soul? Well, these two embody that title to a T in the absolute best possible way. Unencumbered by the hustle and bustle of their big day, they were entirely focused on each other and the bond that brought them together. All morning while Robby was getting ready, he just kept repeating, "I just want to see her. I just want to be near her."

Their love is as strong and beautiful as they are as a couple. As you can clearly see below, that's saying something!

Ceremony Location: Watermark Church
First Look: Seminole Heights Garden Club
Photos: Armature Works
Reception: The Dance Studio

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