GFC United :: Clash Camp 2018 | Event Photos | Tampa, Florida

Christopher and I have such a heart for the local church. It is by connecting yourself to a healthy community that life change turns into reality. This year, we got to go back to camp.

You would have thought I was back in middle school FREAKING out over the fact that we would get to be at camp this year. I couldn't sleep the night before and I was more than happy to wake up at 5:30 am to leave the house. 

I spent a lot of time watching and observing. It's changed a lot, and that is a GOOD THING. I watched leaders proactively tackle issues and first-time counselors dive headfirst into building a relationship and connecting with students. I saw great planning switch over to a home run moment. I saw people use their gifts and talents. And I watched God move.

We both grew up going to summer camp each year with our churches and both agree; camp is usually a crazy exciting experience and then you slam into your day to day and shake your head going, "What happened?" It was really cool to see Pastor Stephen and his team answer the question "What happens next?" for the student. They not only pointed them back to getting involved in their local United groups but worked to connect the leaders to the student right there at camp. They put a face to accountability and community, brilliant!

I went to work at camp and God worked something in me too. I got to have some really deep conversations. I had the chance to encourage and be encouraged. I got to do two things I love at the same time, take photos and worship. Clash Camp 2018 was incredible not because it was perfect, but because of the opportunity it provided for the 1 to find a home.

Honored, blessed, and humbled to be a part. Some of my favorite shots and Christopher's recap video below!