The Bonham Family | A walking family session in Downtown Tampa

There were SO many awesome things about this shoot, I don’t know where to begin. Casey and Katy are family, so we were excited about getting to spend time with them while taking photos. Their two precious kiddos, Libby and Graham, are getting so big. They’re both full of energy and spunk that made the rest of us want to join right into the silliness with them. (That’s the fun thing about being a parent: you can sit in the middle of a park blowing bubbles to your heart’s content without looking weird because it’s “for the kids.”) We all had a such a fun time just chatting and snapping photos together.


Since they have a few years of experience now, Graham and Libby came ready to cheese! They seemed to know what I was up to and had fun helping me decide on some great poses. When it came to his part, Graham had his own ideas about what would make perfect portraits. I think working the camera was an understatement when it came to his awesome moves. We loved these fun creative shots we were able to capture. 


In between the portraits and still shots, we sang tunes together and watched the kids dance. I also got to hear a crazy story from Graham about how big the tractors were that drove by the other day. These two were cracking me up.


Casey and Katy have got it going on, so while the kiddos were exploring the park, I got some sweet moments of them, too. I know they’ll appreciate having a few photos of just the two of them. They look great together, and the love they share is even more beautiful. And they are the most amazing parents to their little ones.


Animated. Energetic. Genuine. We had a great time together during this fun-filled family session.

Andrea SurakComment