Molly and Daniel | Henley on the Thames, London | Destination Wedding Photographer

We are revisiting one of our FAVORITE weddings today! It is only fitting considering Molly and Daniel are days away from meeting their first baby, a sweet little girl! We are so excited for them to become parents because we know they are going to rock at it! Their wedding was our first destination wedding and it left a mark that keeps us looking for the next one!

They met in the states actually when Daniel was in Chicago on a holiday. A chance meeting one night and the rest is history. They were long distance for 2 years before tying the knot with the amazing family and friends who made the journey across the pond. 

We actually arrived 5 days before the wedding and spent the first half of our trip in London staying at an AirBnB just outside of the main city. We did the touristy red bus tour, walked through some of the more popular attractions, and ate a ton of food. Our favorite location in the city was SoHo. All the best restaurants and coffee shops were found here. We joined up with the family after a fun few days and then switched over to the country side of Henley. Christopher experienced his first ever opposite side of the road driving adventure and kept us safe.

Because they choose to have the wedding in London there were so many beautiful traditions we were able to experience and be a part of. We had dinner at Daniel’s dad’s house the night before the wedding and it was so fun getting to meet all of his family and friends. Watching two families come together is always special but in this case it was unique. Many voices, accents, gestures, all mixed together with joy for the next day made it a fun night.

The wedding was held on the property of the school Daniel attended when he was young. The priest was witty and funny and we found ourselves chuckling throughout ceremony. When the bride and groom left the church, Daniel’s fellows made a sword arch for them to walk under. The reception was held at the Lake House right on the Thames and the bride and groom arrived in one of Daniel’s restored cars. The toasts at the reception were nothing short of perfect and after we had successfully heard from all the important people in the room the dance floor kicked into gear.

It was a trip we will never forget and we cannot wait to go back! Destination weddings can be so unique and fun. Ultimately the most important part of the day is the fact that you are married. Best friends who now will walk through everything together, the good, the bad, the hard, and the relaxing. Make your day yours and one that when you look back on, you can’t help but smile.