The Bonham Family | Downtown Tampa Maternity Photographer

Katy and Casey had a really fun sense of humor and you can see how they make each other laugh all the time in their pictures.  There is a lot of love in this family and it was so much fun to capture that on film for them.

Katy and Casey obviously have a lot of love for one another and their children, both the son they already have, and the baby girl who is on the way.  They know how to have a good time and make a great team.  We captured some beautiful pictures of them together and we got some stunning emotional moments, but some of my favorites are the candid shots with Casey photobombing with the baby stroller in the background. The ability to laugh together and have fun is a trait I adore about my marriage, and I adore seeing it in others. Love really is fun!

We always love shooting kids interactions with their parents one on one.  Graham has such a sweet relationship with his mommy and we enjoyed capturing those kisses and snuggles for them to keep forever and look back on.  It always melts my heart to see Big Brother kissing his baby sister inside her sweet tummy.

Whether snapping moments of them interacting as a family or as individuals, I am pleased with the memories I was able to capture on film for this fun family! 

Family is love, and love is fun. Capturing that joy and love is what drives our creative souls as family maternity photographers! Are you interested in learning more about which photography package option would best fit your needs from Highlight Studios? Let's chat!

Taylor Dobson