While the memories are still fresh, we love for you to provide a little info about your wedding day and the planning process. We are all about writing blogs for our weddings and who better to describe the day then you two! Share all your favorite details! We can’t wait to share the day from your perspective!

Mr and Mrs
Tell us a little about your story as a couple. We have probably already asked you this but we want our readers to get to know you two from the start.
Who proposed to whom? When and where did it happen? How did you feel? What did you do right after? So many questions for such a special time!
Tell us about your honeymoon, big moves, plans for family, new jobs, or anything else you'd like to share!
Was it love at first sight or did you did you try on all the latest fashions to find your dream dress?
What did you do? Anything funny happen? How were you feeling leading up the moment where you saw each other for the first time?
This could be an element of decor, something unique about the venue, something you hand crafted, etc.
We would love to hear from you both on this one and feel free to share as many moments as you want!