The Highlight Wedding Process

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Hiring a wedding photographer can be kinda daunting.  

It’s like… “we just met, here’s my money and heart. I am trusting you completely to freeze frame the most important day of my life and if you screw it up, I can’t redo it. No big deal though.”

We get it.

We get that you are trusting us with a monumental task and we take that seriously. That’s why we make sure to meet with you and help you communicate your ideas and wishes for your day. We want to give you something totally unique that expresses your love and tells your story. 

We also get you don’t want us to take shots when you are making a weird double chin face. (We are all about authentic and candid, but let’s not be crazy.) And since we consider you a friend, we’ll tell you if you have a greasy forehead or if your dress is bunched up. Because we notice the details and we are constantly orchestrating the details to help deliver an end result that makes you swoon.

Method to our madness…

While photo and video is an art, working without a plan is just madness. To make things run smoothly, here’s a glimpse into how we work so you know exactly what to expect.

“Highlight Studios was the best decision we made for our wedding (other than getting married;). Taylor and Christopher were a dream to work with and are so creative and talented. They're so professional and make you feel like you're hanging out with friends the entire day. They made us and our bridal party feel so comfortable and not like we had cameras on us all day. They were very conscious of our timeline and made sure we stuck to it, without feeling any sense of being rushed.”

Taylor S.


1. Discovery

Are we a fit? Do you like our style? Do we have your date available?
Destination wedding? Woohoo! We’re packing our bags!
If you like us and we like you, we work up a contract for you a send it over.

What you get: a really good that feeling we’re a perfect match.


2. Planning


You sent the contract in with a 50% deposit and we celebrate our new relationship with a planning sesh. First, we get to know you and your vision for the wedding with a series of questions. How did you meet? What is the style of your wedding?

Next Steps

We pick a date for your engagement session (if included in the package you chose) and begin to develop a timeline for all wedding events.


3. Showtime!

Loose Ends

One month before the big day, we send over a final questionnaire to lock in your diligent planning and solidify the timeline. Two weeks out, we collect the final payment and your shotlist.


This is where you don’t think about anything except enjoying the moment and being with the one you love.

What you get: a new life partner plus peace of mind that every last detail was captured.


4. Final Product and Best Wishes


Within 3-4 weeks, you receive your fully edited collection.

For photography: We offer quality printing options, but you are free to download and print some or all of the album wherever you choose. 

Follow Ups and Best Wishes

Before we say our farewells, we give you one last questionnaire to help you recap your wonderful day while it’s still fresh in your mind. We then turn it into a blog post with photos for you to share with family and friends. 

Next, we thank you for trusting us with your special day and wish a lifetime of love. And, in many cases, we plan a time in the near future to double date.

What you get: 48-hour preview link, the final album delivered via email 6-8 weeks out for photo or 4 months out for video and a blog write up that’ll make your family and friends “oooh and ahh!”


The $truggle is real, Money isn’t everything.

While we do have 3 little mouths to feed and bills to pay, we never want price to keep you from reaching out and starting a conversation. We have met some of our best friends and amazing couples through our photo and to us, that is priceless. 

Maybe you are having a small backyard wedding or are eloping and don’t need full day coverage. Let’s talk about your specific needs over facetime or phone coffee date. 

If however, you are simply looking for a discount photographer, we are likely not a good fit for you.

Photo coverage starting at 2500

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