The Lifestyle Photography Process

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When you look at a canvas on your mantle, you don’t want to think, “remember that time we all stressed out to get everyone together for family photos?” 

You want to look at it and be drawn back into the memories of your life.

It seems like the kids are growing right before your eyes. Baby’s first birthday, first tooth lost… sweet 16, graduation. 

Our goal is to capture the details that you might not think to capture. Like the ragged little boots your son used to wear or your daughter’s curly wild ringlets. Those natural details help paint the memories that you never want to forget.

That’s why we give you the room and freedom to just be you. Sometimes getting everyone comfortable takes some effort, especially when there’s antsy toddlers or grumpy uncles involved. Don’t worry. We’re used to that and don’t mind waiting, taking breaks, blowing bubbles or whatever needs to be done to help everyone relax.

Method to our madness…

While photography is an art, working without a plan is just mayhem. To help things run smoothly, here’s a glimpse into how we work so you know exactly what to expect.


“Taylor spent so much time with our family, allowing for nursing breaks, or snacks for the toddler, and cry fests (our first baby so colicky). She was professional yet personal with the kids making my oldest laugh and holding our newest addition to get her to settle just the right way for the perfect pose. We never felt rushed or awkward in our pictures. The entire process was fun and stress free. The outcome AMAZING.”

Katie L.


1. Hello and Logistics

Hi! What type of shoot do you need? Are we a fit? Great! Let’s look at the calendar. 

Yes, we’d be happy to help you decide on what to wear? No, mommy and me mathcing overalls are not making a come back.

We finalize the location and date and everyone is super excited about the coming session!


2. Day of Shoot

The day of the shoot, we confirm everything’s a go. We make sure to get there in plenty of time to have everything set up so no one feels rushed.

We’ll shoot for about an hour or until we know we have a camera full of winners.

We are always thinking ahead so you don’t have to wait on us, but we have no problem taking breaks or going with the flow to make everyone comfortable.

Then, when it’s all finished, we will collect payment and get to editing.


3. Deliverables

We know it’s hard to wait to see the outcome (we can’t wait to see them all too!), so within 48 hours we’ll send a sneak peak. Then, within 2-3 weeks, your fully edited digital gallery link will be sent to you.

We offer quality printing options, but you are free to download and print some or all of the gallery wherever you choose. 

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