The Wooles Family | Family Photos | Swann Park in South Tampa

Photography has given me a new appreciation for time. As I capture families over the years, its fascinating to watch them grow and change from one year to the next. What a difference a few months can make! A couple’s love overflows onto their little ones, helping them learn and grow into remarkable little people. Sleepy babies I captured at just a few weeks old have now become children with captivating personalities. I love watching how generations pour into one another over time, especially when I do multi-generational family shoots. Documenting families reminds me slow down and smell the roses. Every moment is precious. Even the silly ones are filled with purpose and love, and that’s what makes life beautiful.

The Life of the Party

That being said, this is our second year shooting for the Wooles family. This brother and sister duo are precious and easily the life of the party. The kids are so fun and jump right into all of our crazy antics. My favorite moment was when I asked the kids to make a silly face. Kinsley did the face she makes when she sees her dog do a trick, and Colton made a face that looked like the Hulk. They are so fun together and you can tell they are the best of friends. Tina and Lance are amazing parents and it is so cool seeing their dedication and love pay off. We were so happy to able to do their photos again, and can't wait for the next time!

Becca EllisComment