Introducing Asher | Tampa Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Asher was such a wonderful little client to have! Just a few days old, this little guy was super sweet and was joined by his mom, dad, and big sister. Working with little ones is always such a pleasure, and Asher was no exception! 

Asher was born on 9/3/17 at 5:52 P.M after 24 and a half hours of labor. Momma, Courtney, must have been so exhausted after such a long day. I’m sure she was very happy to meet her sweet baby, though, especially since he is so stinkin’ cute! Weighing 9 pounds and 6 ounces, this little guy made a grand entrance into this world, and his family is so so blessed to have him around. 

Welcoming Sweet Asher to the Family

These folks live in the Tampa area, which means that Asher was born right before the town was hit by hurricane Irma. Luckily for him, though, lots of family gathered around, so he was surrounded by loved ones during that stressful time in his first few days of life! I’m sure his family wasn’t complaining, as it would be such a pleasure to spend extra time with this precious baby boy.

A Stress-Free Lifestyle Session

We decided on an at-home session, which allows for a stress-free environment for the kiddos. Courtney and her husband, Andrew, snuggled up with the kiddos on the bed. Big sister, Mikayla, was so sweet with her new little brother! She swarmed him with snuggles and kisses. Swoon! We also took some photos of precious Asher cuddled up with each member of his family individually. I loved seeing him in the arms of his parents. It was obvious that they love him to the moon and back! What was even sweeter was seeing him snuggled up with Mikayla. She was so good with Asher. Making sure to be super gentle, she cuddled up with her brother and cradled him so carefully. I love seeing this sweet sibling love! All in all, we had a wonderful day. Congratulations to this beautiful family on their new member of the family. 

How cute is this growing family?! Capturing their newest addition as their Tampa Newborn Lifestyle Photographer was such an honor!