Welcome to the world, Lily! | A Lifestyle Newborn Session

Another growing family! We shot Chris and Raquel's wedding, and now we have the opportunity to watch their family grow—one of the greatest joys of being a photographer.

Full Hands. Full Home. Full Hearts.

Right at one year apart, baby Lily and big(ish) brother Riley will surely keep Mom and Dad busy. Two under two is a whirlwind, but we have a feeling they will be each other’s biggest supporters and closest friends as they get older.

Lily was so sweet and slept through most of the shoot. Thankfully, we had a beautiful morning for this family lifestyle session. The warm air and soft morning hum from the garden kept her dreamy for us. As she snoozed away, we captured some adorable shots of this little princess. Just look at all of that gorgeous hair! She looked like an angel sleeping on a fluffy blanket in the grass. Even though Riley is only a year old, he was precious with his baby sister, gently leaning over her to observe. He was a trooper the whole time just exploring and looking around during the shoot.

You would never know that Chris and Raquel have a brand-new baby and a one-year-old on their hands just by looking at them. They came in with bright smiles of adoration on their faces—not a trace of sleepiness. We can’t believe how far Christ and Raquel have come in just a few short years. Their growing family is just perfect, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them and their two tiny tots! Much love, Russell family!!