The Richardson Family | A Fun Family Session | Florida Photographer

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that family sessions don’t require too much posing or directing. When they’re all together, they naturally fall into their natural interactions and create the candid moments themselves. As a family unit, they don’t feel quite as anxious or unsure (and sometimes forget about the camera all together as they laugh about inside jokes). It makes my job of finding and capturing authentic moments so much easier.


These four were so much fun to photograph. The siblings were so incredibly sweet, and they have a special bond as brother and sister. Little brother has officially grown taller than his older sister, but it’s easy to see that it hasn’t changed their dynamic. She’s still his protective, loving sister, and he’s still his endearing, spunky little brother. And their parents still have such a great, fun-loving relationship with each other. This family is just so genuine – I loved every minute that I spent with them.


As a family photographer, I always keep my focus on taking pictures that will make memories that last. I encourage families to talk, laugh, and play games together during their session. I simply want to photograph them in the middle of their experience together. As families change and the kids get older – especially when they become busy, social teenagers – it’s more important than ever to make quality family time a priority. 


I want to help families capture these sweet moments so they can look back on them together from time to time. No matter how much technology advances, photos like these will always hold their value. The experiences that go with them are priceless. My hope is that these images would invoke memories and spark conversations and hilarious storytelling to keep the moment alive for years to come!

Andrea SurakComment