Sydney and Hunter | The Proposal | Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

lovephotographing proposals. I feel like I am shooting a movie every time. From the sidelines, I get to watch the build-up and anticipation. Sometimes she has no idea it’s coming, and I can’t help but giggle a little at the sudden realization of what is happening as he gets down on one knee and a huge smile spreads across her face. Without fail, the hand alwaysgoes up—a true sign of surprise and elation. Genuine proposals are the best, and Sydney and Hunter’s was one for the books!


A Love Story Long in the Making


Syndey and Hunter have known each other since they were young. Their families camped together at Fort Wilderness Resort, and over the years, their friendship blossomed into something more. It was only fitting that when they started dating and eventually moved toward getting engaged, it would be the perfect spot for Hunter to drop to one knee. 


We got their early and scoped out the place, which meant building a small lean-to in the forest for Tyler and finding a truck to hide behind for myself—this was a serious mission, you guys, and we certainly wouldn’t hinder the plan! 


Hunter brought bikes to the campground and told Sydney they were going to take a ride around for old time’s sake before heading to Magic Kingdom. They came around our loop, and that’s when Hunter led her to the sign and handed her flowers before dropping to one knee. Hunter even hand-made the box that Sydney's ring was in—wow! 


We spent some time catching photos of all their smiles and newly-engaged bliss before sending them away for a magical evening in the park! It was beautiful, and we felt so honored to be there to capture this moment for them! Congratulations, Sydney and Hunter!

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