The Wilson Family | Tampa Family Photographer

Family sessions always end up being some of my most fun shoots. Family members feel relaxed when they’re with each other, and the group dynamics help bring out their real personalities. The best is when they kind of forget that the photographer is even there and just have fun together during the shoot. Of course, I’ll offer some direction and posing for some still portraits, but overall, I want to capture the essence of the family.

For this session, we headed out to a park with some secluded trails lined with gorgeous mature trees and lush green grass. This family of six had plenty of personality to go around, and they were such a joy to shoot. I couldn’t help but smile and giggle at all of the kids’ antics and hilarious expressions. It’s easy to see that this amazing family is filled with so much love! But I should’ve said family of seven – they brought along their teddy bear of a pup. She is the sweetest thing and did so great throughout the shoot. I think the kids especially loved having her in the photos.

When we got to the kids-only photos, their personalities really came out. The Most Spunky Award goes to the littlest, Ashley. She is a sweet firecracker who keeps everyone laughing and on their toes. Meanwhile, the second youngest is the silliest. I don’t think he could keep a straight face if he tried – which was perfectly fine with me! I really got a kick out of those two. Their second child is such a sweetheart. She likes to love on everyone and just go with the flow. Her smile can light up a room! And their oldest brother keeps everyone in line. He is so handsome, and he patiently waited while his younger siblings got situated for each pose. He seems like the best big brother – always there to lend a helping hand and bring calm to the chaos.

Mom and Dad are still more in love than ever, and I loved capturing some intimate moments between them. I know with four growing kiddos it’s hard to find time for couple’s photos, so I wanted to make sure that they had several to celebrate just the two of them. I love how they came out – they are such a beautiful and inspirational couple! Thanks for such a wonderful evening, Wilson Family!

Andrea SurakComment