The Brooks Family | Lutz Family Session

I'm not sure I have ever laughed more than at this session. I love this family. They have been a part of my family's life for as long as we've been in Tampa. Their large crew is loud, and they love to play jokes on one another, but their love for each other is even bigger. I don't think there was a moment when we weren't laughing. And I’m not talking little giggles. I almost had to stop shooting for a minute because my lungs were so tired from all of the laughter. They make life so much fun, and their joy is contagious. These are two very blessed grandparents to have such a wonderful group of grandkiddos who rightfully adore them, and what a legacy they have begun in the younger crew! This family is truly an inspiration.


To match their fun-loving, laidback style, we held the shoot outdoors in the fresh air with plenty of space to joke around. I love the all of the posed portraits of the different combinations of family members, but the candid photos are priceless. They capture everyone just being themselves. They’re going to love looking back on these memories a few years from now.


Since they’re a large family, they were so smart to keep their outfits simple with coordinating jeans and white shirts. Lots of colors or patterns can quickly become overwhelming with groups this large.


After taking several family photos, Pastor Dale brought out his bike, which made for some fitting photos for this playful family. The best part of the shoot was at the very end when Pastor Dale did a wheelie on his motorcycle. I can't make this stuff up... :) Lots of love for this group of jokesters. I can’t wait until their next shoot. Enjoy!

Andrea SurakComment