From Tampa, Florida to Charlotte,North Carolina - We are moving!

PC: Claire Rodahaver Photography

PC: Claire Rodahaver Photography

EXCITING NEWS for the Dobson tribe! We are are moving to North Carolina! A few weeks ago we accepted a position with Elevation Church in Charlotte as a film director for Elevation Worship.

We believe that God has given us an open door to walk through and that’s where the next season of our life will be. The thought of leaving Tampa and what’s been home for us for so long, is a lot to process but we believe in this next step!

We have a lot of questions coming our way about us, the process, and our business. Here are a few answers that will hopefully help alleviate some worry!

  • What if I already have a session or wedding booked with you guys?
    Don’t worry, we will be fulfilling all contracts we currently have. No additional fees will be added on for us being out of town.

  • Are you still available for photo and video if we want to book with you in the future?
    We will no longer be offering video through Highlight but we will still offer photography. Our goal is to let everyone in Tampa know when we are visiting and if we can fit a few sessions in, we will. For weddings, we are still available for bookings, yes! Email us if you want more info.

  • Will you do photography in North Carolina?
    Honestly, we aren’t sure. I (Taylor) absolutely love photography and what we do through Highlight. For me, it has been a way to love on people and I would be humbled to be able to continue doing that in North Carolina. The big goal is to get everyone up there and get situated. After that, it is really up to God. If he provides opportunities, I am excited to take them. It’s all so unknown to us so I’m really excited to just see what happens the first few months.

  • How do I find out when you will be in Tampa?
    Like our facebook page (HIGHLIGHT STUDIOS), watch for posts, and sign up to be on our email list here:

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We love you all and will visit often! We are so thankful for each and every one of you, inviting us into your lives, making us a part of your memories. Humbled to call you all family and friends.

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