Bailey and Justin | Natural Wedding Photography | South Tampa, Florida

Bailey and Justin are one of those couples that people say are “meant to be.” Perhaps they are each other’s soul mate. These two stunning people met in 8th grade at the church where they volunteered together. Their friendship grew strong, and it never stopped getting stronger. Bailey and Justin have grown up together and in the process, fell in love. These two are like puzzle pieces that fit effortlessly together. They balance each other out and are each other's best friend. They did not have a doubt in their mind that they would spend their lives by one another’s side.

Plenty of Helpful Hands

They were married at Grace Family Church South Tampa and so many people helped out to make it amazing. They were surrounded by their family and friends (who are pretty much family too). It’s safe to say that their support system is huge, which is such a blessing. Bailey's dress was stunning and we (Highlight Studios) have gotten so many questions about it just from the few photos we've posted. The flattering shape and intricate details catch everyone’s eye.  

This wedding was beautiful, and we definitely were able to document some amazing moments for Bailey and Justin. One of my favorite parts of the day was the first look. As soon as Justin turned around, his expression was priceless. He grabbed his face in amazement, and I can only imagine how special that made Bailey feel. He was in awe at his wife, and it was so sweet to see how excited they were to be spending their big day together, finally. The ceremony was breath-taking, and the reception was filled with fun and laughter. I am so happy to have worked alongside this wonderful family. Bailey and Justin have so many blessings, and I am glad I was able to capture such a wonderful day for them.

Thank you to the amazing team who made the day so special!
Photography: Highlight Studios | Videography: Chris Worthington | Music: DJ Toeknee | Planning: Patricia Davis | Venue: Grace Family Church South Tampa | Desserts: Sweetly Inspired by Lashea | Hair: Katy Bonham | Makeup: Arielle Marlowe | Catering: Catership: Amy Fernandez | Flowers: Molly Voth | Dress: Davids Bridal

Capturing this Natural Wedding Photography for Bailey and Justin was such an honor. What a gorgeous couple they make!


Planner: Patricia Davis | Venue: Grace Family Church South Tampa | Photography Highlight Studios | Videography: Chris Worthington | Hair: Custom Hair by Katy | Makeup: Artistry by Arielle Marlowe | Dress: David's Bridal | Catering: Catership: Amy Fernandez | Dessert: Sweetly Inspired by Lashea | DJ: ToeKnee | Floral: Molly Voth