Kajal and Vikash | Engagement Party Photography | Tampa, Florida

This engagement party for Kajal and Vikash was really fun for us to be a part of.  It's always interesting and inspiring to see the ways cultures celebrate their loved ones, and these two are clearly both loved and cherished. Each individual element of this celebration was not only gorgeous but so personal to Kajal and Vikash.  The vibrant colors, tradition, and unity of family and friends was a beautiful thing to witness. There was so much upbeat positive energy throughout the day; excitement, love, and anticipation filled the heart of all in attendance.  

Kajal and Vikash's Vision

Kajal and Vikash have a very specific vision for their celebration and a list of events that they wanted to be sure that we captured.  It was a blast to document all of these beautiful moments and memories for them.  Kajal wanted the first time she was seen by her handsome fiance to be incredibly special. She had people on the look out telling her to hide whenever he was getting close. How fun! Their first look was a beautiful moment, and one worth waiting for. They both looked stunning and capturing the looks on their faces was pure magic.  

Seeing this couple and their commitment to one another was beautiful, both emotionally and artistically. The religious ceremony was touching, leaving us feeling honored to have been a part of the festivities.  It was amazing to see the support of all of their friends and family and watching them celebrate together the upcoming union of these two hearts.

Taylor Dobson