Jaxon's 4th Birthday | Event Photography | Tampa, FL

This little guy's party was super special to us as it was for our son, Jaxon.  Jaxon is all boy, and we wanted to celebrate his fourth birthday with some fun that would thrill him!  He is all about animals and pretty much anything that creeps or crawls.  We thought it would be fun to have an animal theme for him and bring out the "animal man."  

Jaxon. The Animal Encyclopedia.

Jaxon is an absolute walking animal Encyclopedia.  He knows everything; their names, what they eat, where they live.  So this was right up his ally.  The animal man brought all kinds of creatures: roaches, scorpions, geckos, frogs and even a 12-foot python named Banana.  He was absolutely beside himself.  He was not one bit scared of a single of them and was a willing participant in the holding and petting of every creature.

Our Brave Little Guy

He is so brave! It was awesome to celebrate our little man’s birthday with all of our friends and family.   It was the perfect day to get together and enjoy being outside.  Everyone had a great time playing outside, snacking on gummies and goldfish, and jumping on the trampoline in Momma and Pop’s backyard. We sang happy birthday and enjoyed some cute cupcakes covered in ‘grass’ and creepy crawly creatures.  (Thank you Momma!)

Our little man had a great day, and we made some amazing memories!  That is what it is all about on this journey.  Making sure to take the time to celebrate, make memories and document the fun along the way is really important.  Now we have reminders of this awesome day to look back on together forever!

Happy Birthday Jaxon, we love you!