Tina and Steve | St Kitts Resort | Destination Wedding Photographer

Christopher and I went to the Virgin Islands on our honeymoon. We opted for a cruise and two of our stops happened to be St. Maartin and St. Thomas. When Tina reached out and asked about her and Steve’s wedding in St. Kitts, we jumped at the chance to go back. The weather forecast for the week of the wedding looked rainy but we quickly realized that even a rainy afternoon was usually preceded by a beautiful sunny morning! Much like our own Florida weather! YES!

Tina is an incredible hair stylist and made sure all of her ladies looked great the day of the wedding! She also did her own hair and makeup and looked beautiful! Steve’s sister officiated the wedding ceremony which is so fun. Personal touches like that bring home a little closer when you are away for your big day! 

A special moment for us was taking advantage of the sunny morning and doing a sunrise session with Tina and Steve. When we realized the weather patterns we asked them if they would be willing to get up and have an additional session the day after the wedding. Not only did they have to get up early after lots of dancing and fun, but it was the weekend of daylights savings and we all lost an hour. Losing an hour gained them so many portraits though and we are forever grateful for the trust and excitement these two showed by agreeing to a second session! Enjoy the day and this destination wedding!