Julianna and Will | Alyeska Alaska Resort | Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination weddings are so incredible to photograph and this one was nothing short of amazing. It was a little bit of a whirlwind getting to this one!. Julianna reached out a few weeks before they were scheduled to leave for Alaska and asked if it would be possible for us to photograph her and Will’s intimate destination wedding. We quickly jumped into planning mode and got everything worked out. 

Alaska was incredible. The sights and the views are amazing and when we were there, it was only dark for 4 hours a night. Mind blown! We spent the day before the wedding exploring the landscape in an RV train and finding the perfect spot of the wedding ceremony. The day of the wedding the sun stayed hidden but as we quickly learned, this is pretty common for Alaska and the time of year we were all there.

Julianna looked absolutely stunning and Will’s face when he turned around and saw her coming up the hill with her dad was perfect. She held a bouquet of wildflowers that were picked by her mom and sister in law. All of the family helped out with music and the ring handoff. Even the vows were contributed to by Julianna’s brothers. It was so intimate and such a sweet time to see everyone smiling and cheering these two down the aisle. After the wedding the rain started so we hopped in the RVs and scooted along, stopping every so often for an overlook or hilltop. Dinner was held at the top of the monorail at the Alyeska Resort and it is still one of the best meals we’ve ever had. 

Celebrating with Julianna and Will and their family was the highlight of the trip and being a part of their life changing moment was something we will never forget!