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The Chadwell Family

Rick and Amber Chadwell had the most incredible and heartwarming reasoning behind their session. After going through a very rough three-month period for their family, the Chadwells realized how important and precious life and family truly is. Through all the rough times, their family is what remained constant, and they were reminded that no one is guaranteed tomorrow. They needed these photos done because, more than ever, they felt the weight of what truly matters in this life – each other. With unshakeable faith, they have continued to press on TOGETHER, and they wanted to capture the beauty of what matters most.

This was the first time for this family to do a family photo session together, so we were super excited and couldn’t wait to get started. This session took place in a park off West and South Village Dr. in Tampa, Florida, and although the weather and wind was pretty crazy, we still managed to get some amazing shots of this gorgeous family. They were absolutely amazing, and we had such a blast capturing so many wonderful moments of theirs. The atmosphere was super relaxed, and they all did so great in front of the camera. They were so natural and didn’t try to force anything! Their two-year-old, Eleanor, was the most adorable little sweetheart, and her parents absolutely love her to pieces. Eleanor was having so much fun getting to smell, touch, and see all the beautiful and colorful flowers. We loved getting  to watch and document her exploring the world and playing with her sweet parents.

What an incredible and emotional session this was! Getting to work with this lovely family was truly such an incredible blessing. Through this session, we were both reminded of the true meaning of love, family, and life, along with the true reason behind our love and passion for what we get to do together.

This wonderful family was so inspiring, and this session was really something special. It was such an honor getting to photograph this amazing and sweet family, and we're so grateful to have been able to capture these moments and memories for them to look back on and cherish forever - TOGETHER. 

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Taylor Dobson