A little about us...



We capture life, preserve memories and allow you to build them through time! Life is strange and it can pass us by more quickly than you think – want to know what we think? We’d like to think that you should capture every moment! After all – if nothing, it will make a great story to tell, they do say a picture is worth a thousand words! We love doing that

– Hi! We are Chris and Taylor – the dynamic duo and together with team we’d like to welcome you to Highlight Studios. 

Our own journey, now that we think of it has not only brought us together but the love of photography and videography has taken us this far. We both share a great love for all things camera. But to us it’s not just clicks, not just a film in digital – to us it’s your story, your special moments and then some as well! Mostly into weddings, occasions and events we cater to your requirements to exacting standards, capture the day for you and create memories that last. 

Our own memories grow each year with each other and our two little ones [Jax and Reese] running around. We've included some of our own favorite family photos on THIS page, check it out and see what we love to capture!

Thanks for visiting our website today, we’ve packed it full with various projects we’ve done in past so you can get a feel for how and what we shoot. To get in touch with us simply contact us on the details mentioned on our SAY HELLO  page – we hope to hear from you very soon indeed!


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