About Taylor and Chris

We are the husband and wife team behind the name Highlight Studios.
Documenting the highlights that tell your story is what we do.

We obsess over things like the Golden Hour, souped up camera lenses and waking up early for "The perfect shot".

If you can’t tell, we’re both a little geeky- in a totally cool artsy way. Ha! Anyways, because we geek out over the details, you can just be you and we will do the rest.

What’s our story?

Taylor developed an eye for photography over 12 years ago and began by photographing families, children and events. She has a serious knack for catching moments that no one else would have thought to catch. In fact, her clients often tell her that those unique shots are the ones they cherish the most.

Chris has always loved to learn and master new things. Photography and videography were no different. He is the brains behind the videography and keeps us sharp with the latest equipment needed to deliver the best quality. 

Fast forward to when we met and fell in love. Photography, creativity, and music became mutual points of interest for us. Soon after, we married and Highlight Studios was born. 

We live in the heart of Tampa with our 3 obsessively photographed children, Jax, Reese, and Quinn. They keep our lives busy and hearts full. You can see pics of Reese’s sassy attitude and Jax’s early skateboarding skills below. Quinn is our littlest so she doesn't do much but we're expecting her to follow her sibilngs and be one who keeps us on our toes!




“Both Taylor and Christopher are wonderful to work with. They are organized and professional and always bring a positive attitude and an uplifting energy to the event. I couldn't imagine my wedding day without Highlight Studios!”

Chloe H.



Nickname: Tater, given by my dad when I was a baby. It commonly comes out in his posts on social media.
Favorite dinosaur: Triceratops
Obscure talent: Successfully avoiding any and all errands with kids by utilizing online shopping methods. Praise hands for Amazon Prime.
Fave Netflix binge: Parenthood
Non-profit I love: Beat NB - https://beatnb.org


Our Family

They are the reason why we do what we do. Life happens and things change daily, sometimes in an instant. But our ability to look back at a vacation, milestone moment, or random day in the park, should always be available. 

Collect Memories. Highlight your Story.

Click below to see some of our favorite memories.




Nickname: C-Dobs, Dobby
Favorite dinosaur: Micropachycephalosaurus
Obscure talent: Can solve Rubik’s cube in under 60 seconds
Fave Netflix binge: House of Cards
Non-profit I love: No More - http://fornomore.org